About: The Polymath Project

Hi, my name is Charles.

Here’s a video of me, introducing myself for our Patreon page:

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. I was just a confused guy writing stuff.

Honestly, I’m still just a confused guy writing stuff. But, over several years and millions of reads, The Polymath Project has evolved into a site where I try to answer two questions:

  • How does the world work?
  • How should we live?

Because no single answer or perspective will do, I prefer to use multiple perspectives. My reading & writing draws from many disciplines, including philosophy, economics, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and more.

Also, because no singleĀ person’s perspective will will do, I host The Polymath Project Podcast. On the show, I talk to leading thinkers (and doers!) in the world of ideas, to figure out new ways of answering those same two questions.

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