Barbara Oakley on Learning How to Learn, Improving Education, and Making the World’s Biggest Online Course [#7]

Barbara Oakley runs Coursera’s Learning How to Learn course, which has had over 2.3 million students. It’s the world’s largest MOOC (Massively Online Open Course), but the whole thing started in the basement of her suburban home!

Barb has traveled all over the world, served in the military, and done original research in multiple fields. She’s also the bestselling author of 8 books, and she joins me to talk about her latest book, Learning How to Learn.

Some topics we cover:

  • How Barb started the course in the basement of her home
  • Barb’s travels all over the world
  • Some common myths about learning/education
  • Why “getting focused” isn’t everything
  • What the US can learn about education from other cultures like Germany or China
  • The special qualities of “learning how to learn-ers”

We also cover a lot more than that, so check out the podcast and enjoy!

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