Travel the World & Work from Anywhere: Nathan Sudds on the Experiment-Driven Life [#3]

“Instead of saying, ‘Is this the thing I want to do for the rest of my life?’ You can … try that thing for a little while and see what happens.”

Three years ago, I quit my job for an open-ended trip around the world. The trip lasted two years, and I learned more in those two years than I’d learned in the last twenty.

Today’s guest, Nathan Sudds, was one of the first people I bonded with during my journey. Nathan and his wife Sherice run a software company that lets them travel and work from anywhere in the world. They’ve been living this way for five years, and Nathan says he doesn’t plan on stopping.

Nathan also finds a deep sense of purpose in helping others deal with ADHD—a personal challenge of his—using techniques like meditation & mindfulness.

We talk about a ton of mutual interests on the show: travel, entrepreneurship, finding meaning in life, re-framing failures, and much more!


Transcript & Notes

We talk about all sort of goodies on the show, including:

  • Nathan’s struggles with ADHD
  • Some of our biggest influences—both from books and from real-world encounters
  • Common myths/misconceptions about travel & entrepreneurship
  • The stories that rule our lives and why its important to question them
  • Tips & tricks for people interested in becoming entrepreneurs
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome

We also talk about Malaysian tea, leaving a legacy, and much more!

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