How can we live a good life?

Put simply, that’s what The Polymath Project is about. This is not an easy question, and the people with easy answers often lie to themselves.

To tackle this, we take two main approaches:

1. Perspective

All of us are trapped in our own view of the world. You might call this a “map” of reality. The borders and features of this map are formed by our culture, our genetics, our historical age, and many factors outside of our control. In many ways, it controls us.

At The Polymath Project, I use a multi-disciplinary approach to give you a better map of reality.

Although this is run by one person and, inevitably, biased, I try to draw widely from sources like psychology, philosophy, sociology, religion, etc. My belief is that, by exploring how other people quite different from us experience the world, we can enrich our own lives.

2. Action

Here at The Polymath Project, I try to give practical tips (both drawn from my own experiments and the experiments of others) to make readers better at doing AND acting.

We cover topics like behavior change, time management, goal-setting, finding purpose, entrepreneurship, and much more.

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