I take a lot of notes. In early 2018, I started compiling these notes into detailed, no-nonsense guides on skills that I find useful and/or important.

All the notebooks are free to read online and always will be. If you want a pretty PDF or ebook copy, please consider becoming a Patron. Thanks.

Note: I want to make these notebooks the best resource you can find on the Internet. If you think anything is missing or unclear, please let me know on Twitter.

Notebooks I’m Working On

All the notebooks are made up of multiple parts. Below are the notebooks that I am currently working on.

Habit Series

Detailed notes on habits—how they work, how to build them, and how to change them. You can read the notebook here.

Future Notebooks

These are notebooks I have planned but haven’t started writing. Let me know what you want to see first by sending me a message on Twitter.

  • Cognitive Bias: The Intuitive Guide – Intuitive, memorable explanations for the most important cognitive biases.
  • Rapid Learning – School doesn’t do a good job of teaching us how to learn effectively. Notes on how to learn better and faster (and have more fun doing it!).
  • Money Management – If you think about it, money management is only three things: (1) earning more, (2) spending less or (3) changing how you think. These are my notes on the basic, but essential, skills we need to make better money decisions.
  • “Boxes” Productivity Method – The time management method I use. I’m a completely different person without it.
  • Flow Journaling